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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe


Ethiopia produces some of the most varied and distinctive gourmet coffees in the world and Yirgacheffe ranks among the best of them.

Yirgacheffe is perhaps one of the most iconic coffee-producing regions in the world. Coffee is produced at extremely high altitudes in iron-rich, acidic soils that create an optimal growing condition for specialty coffee.

Washed Yirgacheffes like this one typically have bright, floral cupping profiles much in line with the classic Yirgacheffe profile; bright and floral with a tea-like body.

Different from other African Coffees, Our washed Yirgacheffe is a medium bodied coffee that adds bright, fragrant, floral notes with a tea-like body that is complex to the palate with a long resonant finish. Prized by connoisseurs as the possibly worlds perfect cup.

Single Origin: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Roast Level: Light (Light American, Brown)
Flavor Notes: Peach, Lemon, Black Tea
Body: Low
Acidity: High
Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom
Altitude: 1700 meters
Process: Fully Washed
Drying: Raised Beds

We select and import only the finest quality hand picked gourmet Arabica beans from around the world. Roast in small batches to order and ship them out to you within 24 hours to ensure absolute freshness.

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